Cap d'Agde accomodations, facilities and layout of the naturist village

Cap d'Agde accomodations and facilities information about the different area's and facilities of Cap d'Agde

The naturist area of Cap d'Agde has so many facilities, that there is no need to leave the resort during your vacation. Many people who come here, especially the swingers, do not leave this area, because you have everything you need right on the spot. On this page we will give you a list of the most facilities, different areas, building names and hotel names which are located in the naturist area of Cap d'Agde. This comes in handy when you want to book an apartment or hotel room.


- three different supermarkets
- several bakeries
- a pharmacy
- two medical facilities (one of them is on the camping for camping guests only)
- a small fitness centre
- several ATM's
- around four or five different wireless Internet services
- many restaurants
- many bars
- many terraces
- a huge camping area
- sauna's
- swimming pools
- spa, massage and beauty facilities
- a laundry service
- a dog area
- swinger clubs
- a naked foam party area
- hotels
- gift shops
- a greengrocer
- pizzeria's and other snack facilities
- erotic shops
- a fetish nightclub
- clothes shop
- the marina
- a wine store and more.

The different area's and accommodations of Cap d'Agde

Cap d'Agde consists of different area's which often carry the same name as the building which is located in that particular area.
Underneath you will find the difference area's in alphabetical order.


Almost 45% of the naturist area of Cap d'Agde is occupied by the camping area. This is a fenced area which is not easy to enter if you are not a resident of the camping. However when you come from the beach and are completely naked, you have a fair chance you can pass the "checkpoints" without problems.
The camping area differs from the rest of the naturist area. For starters when you book a vacation here, you are informed that this is a nudist area, and you are asked to follow this dress code, so this means being naked most of the time. In this area you will find the highest percentage of real nudists and naturists and the lowest percentage of swingers. However this doesn't mean that are no swingers here at all. You will find swingers with a low-budget, or swingers who prefer the camping site above the apartments, but relatively you will find less swingers here.
Also at the camping site you will find the most families with children. There are no/ not many public sexual activities because they are not tolerated in this camping area. But we have been told that at some public showers there can be some activity and of course also in the dunes which are close to the camping site, but officially this is not a part of the camping.
So if you don't mind sleeping in a tent, the camping area is the relatively safest place for children. But of course there are more types of accommodation then just tents. You can also bring or rent a caravan/ trailer or a more luxurious camper/ motor-home. It is also possible to rent chalets at the camping. You can choose from around five different types, which all vary in space, location and price.
In short both the people and atmosphere on the camping really differs from the other parts of the naturist area of Cap d'Agde. In the past we have spoken people who have been on this camping and never realised, that Cap d'Agde was a meeting-place for swingers.

Hotel Eve

Hotel Eve is a three star hotel with 48 rooms, room service, a swimming pool, a sauna and a sunny rooftop. It is a relatively old hotel and is not as luxurious as the newer hotels which have been built in the past five years.


The biggest and most striking building of the naturist resort in Cap d'Agde must be Heliopolis. Especially when you see it from above with google maps. It looks like the letter c, and is a sort of semicircle. Heliopolis has approximately 800 apartments and the size of the apartment varies with the floor level. The lower you get, the bigger the apartments are. In the top, the apartments are only for two persons, they are small, but of course the view gets better, the higher you get.
Heliopolis is also location for one of the three shop areas. In here you can find almost anything, even a laundry service. If you come to Cap d'Agde by car, there is a good chance you will find this building name in your navigation equipment. Speaking of navigation, if you can't find Cap d'Agde, try it with "Le" before Cap d'Agde so: Le Cap d'Agde.


Until 2010 Heliovillage was one of the most relaxed places in the centre of Cap d'Agde. Heliovillage is a little area which contains little villas. These villas are in fact very small houses, but the advantage is that you have a garden space for your own. The buildings are all low with a maximum of one level above ground floor. After 10 o'clock in the evening, the fences around the Heliovillage area close automatically and from that time until the early morning you can only enter or leave the place with a code. This looks secure, but if you really want to get in, you only have to climb a fence which is not very high.
Anno 2013 we must confess Heliovillage is not that quiet little place it used to be. In 2011 they have built the new hotel Oz'Inn in Cap d'Agde, which is located directly next to Heliovillage. In this swingers hotel a lot of noise is coming from the rooftop, where they are often swingers parties until 2 o'clock in the morning. We have been told that complaining about this is useless.
Also the public itself has changed in Heliovillage. More and more swingers rent a place here and give private parties, which also produces noise.

Le Jardin du Babylon

This hotel with 50 apartments is a couples only hotel. You cannot book this with children or as single. Even people with pets are in bad luck, because pets are not allowed. It is around the same price as Natureva Spa, but the rooms are much smaller. However if you like to have the freedom of having sex all around the place and watch other people having sex all around the place, this could be a good hotel for you. In summer 2012, Le jardin du Babylon started to organise free pool parties once a week, which also attracts a lot of couples from other parts of the nudist area. Considering most of the people visiting the pool parties are swingers and are dressed in erotic outfits or completely naked and also considering the fact that sex is allowed at the pool, we leave it to your imagination what kind of activities will happen at these parties after a few drinks.

Le Jardin d'Eden

This is the more luxurious and therefore more expensive version of Babylon. Prices of the most luxurious apartments goes above 450 euro's for one night in high season. It was completed around 2007 and contains around 75 apartments. It can be found in the centre of the of the building Heliopolis. It has a nice swimming pool and a pool bar.
The owners of Eden and Babylon are the same and these two jardin-hotels also have the same rules. This means: couples only, no kids, no pets and sex is allowed almost anywhere. It is located next to le glamour, which is the best visited swingers club in the naturist resort (especially at Friday and Saturday). Le glamour is also the organiser of the naked foam parties.


The marina can contain around 70 ships with a length until approximately 70 meters. This area is part of the nudist resort and people can walk and sunbath naked on their boats.

Natureva Spa

Natureva Spa is a relatively new hotel with air-conditioning and free wifi (wifi only in the lobby) which is used since 2008. Until 2012 it was possible to rent a room here for only one day, but starting 2013 unfortunately in the months July and August, you can only rent a room from Saturday til Saturday.
Officially this is not a swingers hotel, so it doesn't have the same freedom as the neighbouring Babylon, Eden of Oz'Inn. However also in here you will find a lot of swingers, if you look at the facilities and room space, this hotel offers better value for your money. In here you will find a inside swimming pool, a sauna and other spa facilities. Also they have a little fitness centre, which can be freely used by everyone, but you cannot use it naked.
At the back of the hotel you have a beautiful view at a elaborate grassland and the mountain of Cap d'Agde. This view can also be enjoyed in the swimming pool area.

Nude beach

Since this page handles the different parts of Cap d'Agde, the beach cannot be unmentioned, because it covers a lot of the naturist area. However the beaches of Cap d'Agde are so special, that a separate page was created to describe the layout and the activities which take place there.

Port Ambonne

Port Ambonne looks from above a bit as a small version of Heliopolis. The building faces the marina. It has approximately 400 apartments. This building also contains the largest shopping centre of this naturist resort. In here you can find a supermarket, two bakeries, an atm, a place to buy a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, a wine specialist, a lot of boutiques, but also a swimming pool, a sauna, a bdsm-fetish club and more.

Port Nature

Port Nature is a very big building which you can't miss. It has the shape of the letter L and is stretching from the harbour until the beach. There are two shopping area's, one at the beginning and one at the end, in which you can find amongst others, a bakery, a pizzeria, a supermarket, many boutiques a ice cream shop.
Also you will find here a lot of good restaurants, two swimming pools and a lot of bars. One of these bars is called Melrose and in the evening, this is the starting point for a lot of swingers.
Port Nature also locates a discotheque and a swingers club. With around 600 apartments, Port Nature is the second largest building of Cap d'Agde.

Port Nature Village

This area is also called Village Nature. This area is enclosed by the sea, the water in the entry to the harbour and the L-shape of Port nature. Just like heliovillage, the buildings in this area are not higher than ground level or one level above ground level. You can find here around 125 properties. This is relatively a quiet place provided you are not renting a villa close to the nightlife.

Port Venus Residence

This is a 5 storey building, which does not look very attractive from the outside. It does have its own pool (without beds) which can also be used by people who are renting in Venus Village. The building has around 75 apartments and is located between the harbour, Venus Village and hotel Eve.

Venus Village

This area is in the extreme corner of the naturist resort Cap d'Agde. In here you will find little houses, which in France are called villas. The smallest Villa is around 20 m², which is not a lot, but you'll also have a little outside space which you can enjoy. Venus Village is enclosed by the harbour at two sides and also with a concrete wall which forms the border between the naturist area and the normal world. Anno 2013 we believe Venus Village is one of the most relaxed locations to stay, but also in here you cannot escape from the music from the nightlife which in this part usually lasts to 1 or 2 o'clock. Also when you bring your children to Cap d'Agde, and you want to stay in a villa, we think this in this area you'll have the least chance to see public sexual activities. From here the walk to the beach is around six minutes.


OzÍnn is the newest hotel of the naturist area of Cap d'Agde and was opened in 2011. It has the same owner as Natureva Spa, but it has different rules.
In contrary to Natureva this hotel is a swingers hotel. It has some very expensive rooms and in front of the hotel you can find a lot of expensive cars. At the rooftop you can find a playground where people can have public sex. A lot of evenings there is some kind of party which produces a lot of noise for the neighbouring heliovillage. In 2012 it was possible to visit those parties for outsiders for €30,- per couple and only if you were dressed properly and looked representative.


Le Riad is an exclusive building which was developed around 2007 with only a few villa's. It can be found close to the entrance of the resort and is rather luxurious. Prices of these villas in Moroccan style are around 600 euro's a night in high season. In 2012, one villa was on the property market for sale with an asking price of around 700.00 euro's.

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