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When couples meet and they want to have a little more privacy, they can have an encounter in their apartment. And with so many like-minded people, it will not be hard to find another couple willing to have a sexual encounter in private. Besides the 1:1 couple swap with 2 couples, nowadays the private parties with more than 2 couples are popular.

These private swingers parties with more couples can be found every evening on several locations in Cap d'Agde, but a private swingers home party can be a bit difficult to visit if you are not an insider. These swingers home parties are given by private people, so there is no organisation advertising these parties. Sometimes there can be some kind of announcement in a swingers community, but most of the time, you have to know someone who knows that there will be a private party at that location and receive an invitation.

What you will find, if you got invited will vary a lot. Sometimes there are three couples, but it can also be more than twenty couples. Sometimes also a few singles can be allowed. There are no fixed rules, because every home party will be given by another swingers couple who sets their own rules. It could be that a lot of drugs are used, where other home parties are definitely drugs free.

But all these private sex parties have one thing in common: at every party there will be a lot of sex and there will be a lot of swapping between sex partners, sometimes it can look a lot like an sex orgy. And unfortunately lately more and more sexual penetration is happening without condoms. So be aware that if you visit a private party and you like to do it safe, that you keep an extra eye on what is happening with you and with your own partner. But at the end if you like swinging and you like to see other people having sex, a private swingers party can be really great.
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