Pool Party for swingers Cap d'Agde

Pool parties Cap d'Agde for swingers

Capdagdeinfo.com information about Pool Party for swingers Cap d'Agde in Babylon

In 2012 for the first time hotel Babylon decided to organise a pool party every Wednesday in high season. This pool party became pretty popular because also people outside of Babylon are admitted, but very soon it became too crowded, so people from outside were stopped. If you were so lucky, you did get in, you were sure to enjoy a great swingers sex pool party.

In contrary to the naked foam party, at the pool party there is no dress code which tells you to be naked. In fact there are also a lot of women who are dressed in erotic way, including high heels. Nevertheless there are also a lot of naked people partying around and you can compare it a little with the nude foam parties in glamour. But it has some other atmosphere.
A crazy DJ is trying to lift the spirits and if you are looking around, it looks very much like the settings of a porn movie.

Many people are having public sex and anywhere you look you see a lot of sexual activities and swinging going on.

In 2013 they changed policy and the dresscode now is naked, also all couples can come in now, so inside it can become too crowded with hundreds of couples.

In 2014 every week in july and august there was a poolparty on wednesday in Babylone and on friday in Eden. Both parties were free and accessible for all naked couples in the cap d'agde village.

In 2015 they changed the concept. Starting in the middle of july there were no more parties in Eden. On wednesday and friday the pool parties were organized in Babylon. The parties were no longer free but there was a entrance fee of twenty euro's for couples. (singles not allowed). Also nude was no longer obliged you could also wear a sexy bikini.
In our opinion they made three mistakes. They could far better organize this in Eden,there is must more space and the facilities are better. Also there should be more staff for handling the entrance fee, we have bene in line for more than half an hour to get in and the biggest mistake is that it was not all nude anymore. The party is in the middle of the biggest nudist area of the world. Bikinis allowed ? What is the meaning of that ?

Luckily in 2021 we could only enter if we took off all our clothes, so the dresscode was completely naked again.

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