Nude foam party Cap d'Agde

Nude foam party Cap d'Agde for swingers information about naked foam parties Cap d'Agde

One of the reasons glamour is the most famous place is certainly because they organise naked foam parties.
In high season during the day, in a sort of open part of glamour without roof, glamour organises a foam party. The dress codes for this foam parties is real simple: nude is obliged and it can get very naughty inside.

In 2009 the owner of glamour decided that it was time for something new. That year he organised a few nude foam parties, only at Sunday's. These naked foam parties were such a success, that now during high season, there is a nude foam party every day in the afternoon between 2 o'clock and 7 o'clock, provided the weather is good.
To get inside, you need three simple things.
1) you have to pay 20 euros
2) you have to be a couple
3) you have to be naked because you can only enter naked.

Inside there are two bars, where you can order the usual non-alcoholic drinks or beer, rose, sangria (no high percentage alcoholic drinks). But never mind the bars, the other facilities are much more fun to watch. Roughly you can say there are three areas.

- the pool / hottube

This is a big tube with warm water and a lot of couples inside. The big difference with a normal nudist spa is that sex is permitted and this will happen frequently.

- the lounge area

We call this the lounge area because there are some beds. some banks and some mattresses. Because there is limited space on these facilities people are sitting on their towels in this area as well. Not all people are lounging, because in fact a lot of sexual activities are happening here. So you can enjoy yourself under the sun with a drink, watching other people having sex or do so yourself.
When people first come here and they are not used to public sex, it can be a little exciting to do this, but after a while it is getting sort of normal, and because so many couples are having some kind of sex, you will not draw a lot of attention when you will do so yourselves.

- the nude foam party area

Foam parties are fun, especially naked foam parties. Since it can get rather crowded in this space and the foam can get high, a lot of people are touching other people anywhere. This includes the intimate parts. Dancing naked in the sun, close to each other with some alcohol inside you, is stimulating the sex drive and you can imagine a lot of people touching each other or performing (oral) sex. The nude foam parties in le Glamour in Cap d'Agde are very popular and we can imagine, they will be around for quite some time.

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