Nudists and naturists life in Cap d'Agde

Nudists and naturists in Cap d'Agde information about the nudists and naturist holidaymaker in Cap d'Agde

Originally the nudist area of Cap d'Agde was a great place for nudists and naturist only. It was a very quiet, peaceful lovely place.
Back in the 1970s the nude area of Cap d'Agde mainly consisted out the camping area. Throughout the years more and more buildings were constructed and with the last contribution of hotel Oz'Inn in 2011, it looks like more and more swingers are taking over the place.
Of course we can't deny this, but even anno 2013 the majority of the people who visit this nude area of Cap d'Agde are nudists and naturists. In holiday season (starting at the end of April until the end of September) Cap d'Agde becomes the largest nudist resort in the world, especially in the months July and August. In the first three weeks of August when it is peak season, over ten-thousand nudists and naturists are staying here simultaneously and let us not forget most swingers are nudists also, that means, they like to be naked in public.
But never (!) make the mistake of confusing a nudist of naturist for a singer, because a bigger insult is not possible for them.
For the record we will explain the different groups.


Nudists are people who like nudism. Nudity and being naked are very natural for them and they do like to do things nude such as: walking around naked, eating naked, shopping naked, to do the household naked, etc etc. Sometimes the nudists like to do activities together at a nudist terrain, or celebrate the holiday in a nudist resort like Cap d'Agde. Being naked has nothing to do with sex or erotics.


Naturists are people who like naturism. For them nudity and being nude is a way of life as well. So naturists are nudists too.
But naturism also focus all the other parts of nature. Apart from the natural naked human body, they also live in harmony with the whole concept of nature. Respect for everything which lives and grows on the planet earth. For them being naked also has nothing to do with sex or erotics. Naturism is just their natural way of life.


The concept of swinging is having one or more sexual encounters with different sex partners. We have described elaborately all the different kind of sexual encounters on our swingers page. Let there be no mistake that both nudists and naturists are hating the swingers lifestyle. You can say there is a sort of war going on between those groups in Cap d'Agde.

We still believe Cap d'Agde has a lot to offer for the nudists and naturists. Especially in the camping area can the nude lifestyle be enjoyed without the fear of constantly being exposed to sexual encounters. The nudist and naturist people can do what they enjoye most: being naked all the time, from the moment they wake up, until the moment they go to sleep at night.
However it seems like every year the swingers win a little terrain and more and more of the original residents of Cap d'Agde are beginning to wonder if this is still a good place for them.

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