Cap d'Agde nude beach for nudists and naturists and the swingers beach for swingers

The nude beach and swingers beach of Cap d'Agde information about Cap d'Agde nude beach and swingers beach

The complete area of Cap d'Agde can accommodate around 180,000 tourists at the same time. In peak season all these beds will be occupied. But the majority of tourists are normal tourists celebrating their vacation time. These normal tourists can choose from nine different normal beaches on which they can recreate in their bathing suits.
Those nine beaches are very nice to visit for normal people but for this website there is another beach interesting. And of course this is the nude beach which is part of the naturist area of Cap d'Agde.

The nude beach of Cap d'Agde is around 2 km in length and is sort of divided in three unofficial areas:
- the family nude beach
- the swingers beach
- the gay beach

The family nude beach

This part of the beach is the biggest. If you go to the beach from your apartment, villa or hotel, it does not matter where you enter the beach, you will always arrive at the family nudist beach. So either you come from Port Nature Village, Port Nature or Heliovillage, you will arrive at the family nudist beach.
For the greatest part this also is the case if you come from the camping, with the exception of the extreme corner of the camping, where the camping ends. If you enter the beach at this place and you are planning to go to the family nude beach, be sure not to walk to the left side, because you are dangerously close to the swingers beach. And in case you have kids, the swingers beach is really no place for you to visit. So walk to the right instead, in the direction of Heliopolis / Port Nature. Unless of course your purpose is to visit the swingers beach. The family nude beach, for the greatest part, is an ordinary nudist beach where practically everybody is naked. No matter what age or what you look like, people are enjoying the beach life, with nude swimming, nude sunbathing, nude eating, nude beach-playing and all other things, people would also do at a non-nude beach, except these people are naked. So this is not much different than other nude beaches throughout the world.

The big question is: is this family nudist beach of Cap d'Agde safe for children during daytime?
For the most part we think it is, however there have been reports that also in this area, some sexual activities may occur from time to time. If this is true, we cannot tell. We have never witnessed this but in our opinion, this does not happen a lot and if this does happen, it will not be as open or explicit as it would occur at the swingers beach. However at night when it is dark we do not recommend going to any part of the beach with children. If you have experience with sex at this part of the beach during daytime or night time we would be happy to receive your reactions or you can write about it in our blog-section.

The swingers beach

If you enter the beach of Cap d'Agde and you are walking to the left, eventually you will reach the swingers beach. If you start at the extreme right of the family nude beach, the walk will be around 10 minutes. Of course depending how fast you are walking. The swingers beach starts just after the rescue post/ police post, which you can find on top of the dunes. If you arrive on this beach early in the morning, it will be relatively quiet, because a lot of swingers have been partying all night and they are still sleeping or trying to get rid of the hangover. However if you arrive here later that day, you will soon recognise that you must have reached the swingers beach.
This part of the beach is very crowded and the beach towels are really very close to each other. In some places, it will be so crowded you cannot even walk through this part of the beach, without standing on somebody's towel.
Officially, sex is not allowed in public in Cap d'Agde. This also applies for the nude beach and even for the swingers beach. The nearby police post is watching out over the swingers beach, so theoretically you can get arrested if you misbehave. Some years ago the sexual activities mostly occurred in the evening, after the police post closed at 6:30 p.m.. However the last years, the police is not so active in surveillance anymore and this means more partytime

So why is this called swingers beach ?
Mainly because a lot of swingers are laying on this beach and you can be witness of sexual activities on the beach and in the dunes.
In general swingers are used to being watched when they are having sex, so for them usually it's less a problem to have sex in public or having sex on the beach. But that doesn't automatically mean all the couples are having sex with other couples, in public on the beach. Our opinion is that most sexual activities which take place are between couples who are forming a man/woman pair relationship and they find it exciting to do this in public. Also a part of this sexual encounters which are happening on this beach, will undoubtedly be swingers sex with a strange sex partner. This is not always easy to tell. But certainly do not expect that all couples are having sex all the time, or having sex at the beach at all. There are also a lot of couples looking around most of the time. Sometimes they will touch each other erotically or fooling around a bit.

Anyway of course there will be a lot of sexual activities also. If you look around closely, there will be a good chance you will see couples having oral sex or sometimes even having intercourse right on the beach before you. And if not, it is bound to happen soon. Especially towards the evening there is more sex going on. Also if you walk around in the dunes close to the swingers beach, there will be a good chance you will see people having sex. If you like public sex on the beach, the swingers beach in Cap d'Agde can be an very interesting place. Maybe they better call it the sex beach. With a little luck you will witness a bondage show, a threesome, a foursome or a gangbang. Almost anything can happen.

Note and warning: Camera's or recording devices are strictly forbidden anywhere in the naturist resort Cap d'Agde. If you are caught, you should not only be afraid of the police but also of the public. If the public on the beach will discover you with a cam, they will throw the camera into the sea and probably you will be drowned next to it or they will hang you on the highest balcony of the Heliopolis building.

Gay Beach

Right after the swingers beach, you will find the gay beach. It will not be very difficult to understand that you must have reached the gay beach, because suddenly you will find that most of the people laying on the beach or standing in the sea, are naked men. Personally we never sat down on this part of the beach, but we can imagine the same things happening here as they are happening on the swingers beach, only the sex partners are from the same sex.

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